Welcome to Whittle Critique! If you are an author with a finished manuscript looking for some polish, or a writer stuck midway on a story and in need of direction, or are just a step away from getting your manuscript published, then let me help your story attain the sparkle it deserves! I am a certified fiction editor promising to give your book the best it deserves.

Why do we need critiques?

Storytelling is an art. A well told story has the power to take the reader on a journey never made before. A new world, new people and a new tale! As a writer myself I understand the efforts you put in your manuscripts; your hard work, your time, your research and needless to say, your whole heart. To give this hard work the sheen it deserves is what an editor is for!

When a writer is too close to the story it is difficult to spot holes and inconsistencies that might hinder the manuscript from becoming a great book. It is necessary that it is looked at objectively through a different set of eyes. And the more observant, efficient and helpful the eyes are the better the book shall be!

Why choose Whittle Critique?

At Whittle Critique you can rest assured that your manuscript will be given the fullest and undivided attention of the editor. The whole process of editing is handled case by case, one after the other, to make sure one manuscript at a time receives the best possible service. We can help you with all the vital areas of your manuscript like scene development, settings and descriptions, character development, etc.

We have an array of services to choose from, according to your needs and all at very reasonable rates. We charge a flat rate for each service to make it lighter on first time authors. No cost per word, no cost per page and no hourly charges!

So come along with your manuscripts and let us make it the best it can possibly be!